Jen Striker boycotts Marta

3 12 2008

Jen Striker, of Women’s Soccer USA blog, has decided to boycott Marta if she is to come to the WPS league. While I have said before that Marta’s belonging here is not a given, boycotting her may be cutting off your nose to spit your face. As of now, I am hoping that Marta does not come for the innagural WPS season. Marta is 22 years old and has a lot of playing days in front of her. She also could use some of that time to groom herself a bit more into becoming the kind of professional off the field that she should be if she is to truly make an impace and help this league. I call this delayed gratification, and if we wait to get Marta, we will be getting a more stable league and eventually a more stable Marta. I would like to thank Jen Striker for alluding to a line that must be drawn with respect to the worth of Marta, as some people would want to welcome her here with open wallets and arms.




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