Thursday Morning Notes

4 12 2008

– A couple of this I wanted to post on this morning. First, the USA U-20’s meet Germany in the semifinals today. “The game kicks off at 7 p.m. local time (5 p.m. ET) at Estadio Fernando Sánchez Rumoroso and can be watched live on ESPNU and, as well as on taped delay at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Galavision. Fans can also follow the match live on’s MatchTracker. ” –

– Ann Killion wrote a peice on the importance of Brandi Chastain to FC Gold Pride.

Word is also coming out that WNBA team, Houston Comets, is halting operations and disbanding. They site the inability to find a team owner rather than the economy as the reason. What I find more interesting out of this article is that the WNBA signed a TV deal worth an estimated $30 million. It seems this deal goes to 2016, meaning it looks very similar to the deal the MLS struck in late 2007 as well.

Reports from the Damallsvenskan Newsblog say Victoria Svensson turned down an opportunity to sign with a WPS club. Svensson says her family life makes it hard to leave Stockholm. That made me think about how the WPS has something to prove to foreign players. It has to prove that playing in the league is worth it, and I don’t just mean the quality of play. It’s going to have to prove that this league is here to stay, that the facilities are where you want to be at, the salary will allow you to have a good life, and that there is a clear opportunity that is worth it for you and your family. When you are young and not as responsible to other people and family members it is easy to pick up and move to a new league and be a trail blazer. When you get older though, you start making decisions on what is best for you as well as others. I’m not sure if thats what she meant by citing family, but I imagine that is an issue that exists.




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