WPS Scores Puma Sponsorship!

15 12 2008

Wow, what a score for Women’s Pro Soccer. A three year deal contributing $10 million dollars will be a huge help in the leagues financial stability, and it brings in a company with huge credibility in both soccer and youth fashion. So the USSF and USL is sponsored by Nike, MLS is sponsored by Adidas, and WPS is sponsored by Puma. Soccer in the United States is really getting some investment by the big three.

Some interesting points from this article:
– “The company already has a footwear deal with Brazilian star Marta Vieira da Silva, who is widely recognized as the best female soccer player in the world, and is expected to play in WPS.”

– “Ms. Antonucci: “Puma wowed us” by laying out a campaign to promote WPS and Puma at the grass-roots and retail level in every market.”

– “That means that if players in the seven-team league don’t have existing deals with other cleat makers, they will wear Pumas during WPS games.”

– “Franchises cost just $1.5 million, compared with $40 million in MLS, and roughly $1.9 million to $2.8 million a year to run, including player salaries.”

-“WPS plans to expand to Atlanta and Philadelphia in 2010.” (No Dallas?)



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