DeVanna and Freedom still possible…

10 01 2009

Just when I write that DeVanna looks gone from Washington Freedom fan’s radar, she pops up a day later. “She likes the life in Sweden, but she also understands that USA will grow bigger and bigger. The coming two years will be really important for her and we’re looking forward to that”. Her agent ‘is expecting an offer from Washington Freedom some time next week’.

What do you think, could you see her up top with Wambach, or a valuable off the bench game changer?




2 responses

26 02 2009

News flash–if you are going to use her as a sub–SHE WILL NOT BE HAPPY

7 03 2009

Heres a “heads up” dont keep her on the bench, she liked Sweden, the States is a good opportunity for her, she will do well. Just look after her, there is Portugese blood in those veins, with a big splash of Australian pragmatism. ps why is almost EVERYTHING about the USA on womens soccer websites! its boring

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