Holding onto the game.

12 01 2009
Two-Time Herman Trophy Winner

Two-Time Herman Trophy Winner

Kerri Hanks loves soccer. She has more awards than I have nails in my house. She finishes her college career as one of the best those ranks have ever seen. Now that her collegiate career is over, she is looking to make soccer more than a extremely challenging extracirricular, she wants to make it a career. “I’m hoping to get drafted,” she said, a situation that seems assured. “I don’t care where. I don’t want to get a job. I want to play. Soccer is my love.” Collegiate success never directly translated into professional success, and the kind of soccer played in the NCAA College Final will not (hopefully not) be the kind played in the WPS. It is likely that she’ll be useful in some capacity to a WPS team, even if she has a less than desirable transition to the pro’s.

A question I have is why did Hanks not make the U-23 roster to train in San Diego? Tina DiMartino and Lauren Cheney were absent from this list as well but they popped up on the full WNT roster. Maybe a reader could fill me in?



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12 01 2009

Looks like she made the U-23 team last year that played the Nordic Cup. She appeared in all 4 games and made an assist. Don’t know why she’s not part of this one though. Maybe she’s already considered for the full WNT and they’re giving other players a chance.

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