Amy Rodriguez to LA Sol Trade?

14 01 2009
Amy Rodriguez

Amy Rodriguez

In some of the wierdest news I’ve heard yet this January, it sounds like the idea of Boston trading Amy Rodriguez to the LA Sol is actually floating about. I saw it in this SoccerAmerica ten question bit with Amy. Wow. I guess the speculation exists because her old youth coach, Abner Rogers, is with the Los Angeles Sol. She is also a Californ-i-a girl. However, I just don’t see it happening. What would Boston get for her? The Boston Breakers other forward is Kristine Lilly, who is a legend, but definitely at the sun set of her playing days. Why trade away a very young and talented forward when their are so many uncertainties with your team and the league as it is. It isn’t as if you already have two forwards, and really need a veteran centerback, and LA has one to trade you. I highly doubt Rodriguez would be traded away, but if it happens I would be curious to see what the motives were behind it.




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