WPS Fincancial Strategy

14 01 2009

An article in the USA Today talks about sports surviving 2009 and the bad economy, and touches on the new WPS. The Women’s Professional Soccer league prepares to kick off in 2009 with a dramatically reduced budget and more modest expectations…  “We have to contain costs at the league, team and facility levels,” she says. “We have to manage expectations and plans for slow, steady growth.  “Our goal is 5,000 paying fans, with tickets as low as $10 to $20. A family of four can watch the world’s best for less than $100. Not too many other leagues can say that.” The WPS also has a $10 million deal with Puma, and if I recall correctly are looking for at least two other sponsorships to get to the magical $30 million mark, in which the league will have broken even on their investment. (I could be wrong but I swear I read that, it is sticking out in my mind pretty vividly). What other sponsorships could you see WPS attracting, or ways of making money? I feel like they should sell the international rights to the WPS final (maybe even playoffs). I’m would think there would be enough interest world wide to justify it.




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