WPS Draft – Mock Drafts, How to follow it.

15 01 2009
Highly rated Christina DiMartino

Highly rated Christina DiMartino

Alright friends, tomorrow is the big day. Time to really see these WPS teams start to take shape. First, you can tune into Fox Soccer Channel tonight from 8 to 10 PM ET and get interviews and announcements preluding the big draft tomorrow.

Second, you can get real time updates on draft selections via twitter. Signing up for Twitter is easy, you basically just give them your name and e-mail address. If you want to recieve text message coverage to your phone, you can do that as well. The draft is held at 10:30 AM ET, and you can get the full scoop on how to follow at WPS’s website.

Third, I’ve come across a couple mock drafts and have shared them below. These are the simplified lists and going to the actual article will give you way more analysis, justifications, and alternative draftee options.

1. Boston — Amy Rodriguez (USC)
2. Chicago — Brittany Bock (Notre Dame)
3. FC Gold Pride — Megan Rapinoe (Portland)
4. Sky Blue FC — Yael Averbuch (North Carolina)
5. Los Angeles — Christina DiMartino (UCLA)
6. St. Louis — Kerri Hanks (Notre Dame)
7. Washington — Carrie Dew (Notre Dame)
8. Washington — Brittany Taylor (Connecticut)
9. St. Louis — Ashley Pistorius (Boston Renegades)
10. Los Angeles — Kasey Moore (Texas)
11. Sky Blue FC — Nikki Krzysik (Virginia)
12. FC Gold Pride — Marisa Abegg (Stanford)
13. Chicago — Katie Larkin (BYU)
14. Boston — Tiffany Weimer (Santos, Brazil)

1 Boston Breakers Amy Rodriguez, F
2 Chicago Red Stars Briana Scurry, G
3 FC Gold Pride Carrie Dew, D
4 Sky Blue FC Fanta Cooper, D
5 Los Angeles Sol Sasha Andrews, D
6 St Louis Athletica Kerri Hanks, F
7 Washington Freedom Kele Golebiowski, M
8 Washington Freedom Ali Andrzejewski, F
9 St Louis Athletica Kim Brandao, D
10 Los Angeles Sol Nikki Krzysik, D
11 Sky Blue FC Jillian Loyden, G
12 FC Gold Pride Tiffeny Milbrett, F
13 Chicago Red Stars Erin Hardy, D
14 Boston Breakers Christina DiMartino, M

1. Boston Breakers – Amy Rodriguez, FW
2. Chicago Red Stars – Megan Rapinoe, M/F
3. FC Gold Pride – Christina DiMartino, M
4. Sky Blue FC – Jen Branam, GK
5. Los Angeles Sol – Carrie Dew, D
6. St Louis Athletica – best defender still available
7. Washington Freedom – Greer Barnes, D
Ammera Abdullah, M
Brittany Bock, M
Katie Larkin, F
Maggie Tomecka, M




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