The Blog Improvements

17 01 2009

Blog Stats mid-way January

Blog Stats mid-way January

Well, I just recently started this blog , and it has been doing very well so far. My goal this month was the reach 1,000 views, and I have already broken through that ceiling. I guess my adjusted goal is to achieve over 1,500 views for January.

I have gotten visitors from Europe, South America, Canada, and across the United States. That is good news for appeal of the WPS globally! To help foster following from abroad, I have added links to translate the site into Swedish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. And Canadianish(just kidding).

I have also added a link to send me e-mails. I would greatly appreciate anyone who has suggestions, stories or facts I’ve missed, and insider information (not the Martha Stewart kind though).

There is also a WPS Roster link at the top navigation menu now. This may not be permanent but it gives you an idea of what the teams are looking like currently. It is an adjusted version of the rosters Amanda Vandervort put together at her Soccer Science blog.




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