Fan Drama for Lisa De Vanna

9 03 2009

So I have heard from several corners that if I (although I assume they must mean the Washington Freedom coach Jim Gabara) use Lisa from the bench, I (or Gabara) will be sorry. First, although I heard De Vanna will be join the Washington Freedom I have yet to see her name pop up in the preseason camp roster.

Now, a message to those giving me the negative messages on De Vanna. I assume that coach Gabara will not purposely use a striker off the bench if he feels she is good enough to start. This new league is not the Australian W-League, or the Swedish Damallsvenskan. There are only seven teams with a lot of talent in this new league, and it is going to challenge every player, including Marta.

If Lisa joins the Washington Freedom, I assume it is a player who wants to get better, and wants to earn her place amongst the best in the world. If she starts on the bench, I expect her to do what thousands of professional across the world do: work hard to do what it takes to become a starter. Not a take your ball and go home attitude.

Remember, this is a message to her fans who have been telling me such things. I have heard nothing negative from any official sources. I hope Lisa joins the Freedom and does well, and if she is used as a very capable substitute she could always find a spot on one of the three expansion teams the next year.




One response

29 03 2009

if Devanna is a bencg player–she will quit after a few weeks

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