Sol v Freedom Highlights, Coverage, Video

30 03 2009
14,832 filed in for the inagural WPS match.

14,832 filed in for the inagural WPS match.

For official highlights from click here.

Article from summarizing the match.
Article from the NY Times summarizing the match.
Article from USA Today on match with player and coach quotes.

The Los Angeles Sol defeated the Washington Freedom in front of 14,832 fans. It was a good day for the WPS, but we don’t want to build it up too much. I’ll add my thoughts later if I get a chance.


US Women Prepare for Denmark

4 03 2009
Abby Wambach vs. Denmark in 2008 Finals

Abby Wambach vs. Denmark in 2008 Finals

USA’s Women’s National Team is ready for their Algarve Cup opening match against Denmark. You can check out their preperation in a  Studio 90 video here.

Salary Cap and WPS Finances

18 02 2009

The Bizjournal is reporting several key bits of information on the financial strategy of the new Women’s Pro Soccer league. The most glaring peice of info is that the salary cap is set at $565,000. I guess in this economy they should just be happy they have a job right? In all seriousness, it provokes two feelings in me. First, it is comforting in the sense that I highly doubt with a team’s salary so low that this league will falter financially. Second, it saddens me to see that these are players who have worked very hard throughout their life at the game, are very talented, and are combined going to make less than Juan Pablo Angel of NY Red Bull makes in six months. We can hope that these sacrifices by the players now will help plant roots for the league that will later on be able to pay better salaries.
Other notes are that US National Team players have a garunteed minimum of $40,000. The WPS is still looking for two more sponsors to go along with the Puma deal.

WPS Full Schedule Released

6 02 2009

Women’s Professional Soccer is set for it’s first season, a 20 game long race. The format is simple: each team will play eachother three times, and it’s two regional rivals a fourth time. WPS is also set to broadcast some of its games every Sunday on Fox Soccer Channel. Get all the details here, and check out the full schedule here.

Wambach is Back (updated)

11 01 2009
Owner of 99 international goals, Abby Wambach.

Owner of 99 international goals, Abby Wambach.

Abby Wambach is already going down in history as a great player, particularly for the USA Women’s National Team. It was tough for fans and tremendously tough for her when she broke her leg in a tune up match for the Olympics. Since July 16, she has not been playing for the US WNT and has been traveling the long road of resting and rehabilitating on the sidelines. She was recently called up for the US WNT camp in preparation for the 2009 Algarve Cup. There is a lot left for her to do and prove. USA fans, as well as Wambach, must be excited for the call up.

Update -> Here is a nice Q&A Kieth Costigan does with Abby Wambach on the upcoming year.