WPS April 4th, 5th Matches

4 04 2009
Lindsey Tarpley, Chicago Red Stars

Lindsey Tarpley, Chicago Red Stars

Saturday, April 4th
Chicago Red Stars @ Saint Louis Athletica 8pm ET
*Goal.com Preview

Sunday, April 5th
Los Angeles Sol @ Sky Blue FC 4pm ET
*Goal.com Preview
*OurSportsCentral Preview
Boston Breakers @ FC Gold Pride 6pm ET
*Goal.com Preview
*OurSportsCentral Preview
Televised on Fox Soccer Channel
-We will hopefully post a link to watch it online


LA Sol v Washington Freedom Post Game Thoughts

31 03 2009

In a great unfortunate accident, I fell asleep halfway through the LA Sol versus Washington Freedom match up. If there is one thing I am willing to bet money on though, don’t let this match be the standard for future matches. In both a good way and a bad way.

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Sol v Freedom Highlights, Coverage, Video

30 03 2009
14,832 filed in for the inagural WPS match.

14,832 filed in for the inagural WPS match.

For official highlights from womensprosoccer.com click here.

Article from Goal.com summarizing the match.
Article from the NY Times summarizing the match.
Article from USA Today on match with player and coach quotes.

The Los Angeles Sol defeated the Washington Freedom in front of 14,832 fans. It was a good day for the WPS, but we don’t want to build it up too much. I’ll add my thoughts later if I get a chance.

FIFA Womens Rankings- Where is Norway?

28 03 2009

The latest FIFA Women’s National Team rankings were released, and there is nothing too interesting about it to be honest except for the former World Champions Norway dropping 3 spots to 9th after losing three straight games at the Algarve Cup. Norway is historically the 3rd best team in the world behind the USA and Germany, with a world cup title, a runner-up finish, and two fourth place finishes in the five women’s world cups.

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Canada National Team: The Next Level

25 03 2009

We knew the creation of the Women’s Pro Soccer league would benefit players and national teams alike. It seems that is only part of the plan for the Canadian Women’s National Team. They see a new era ahead of them, and you can read about it here. Points of development:
– Players developing and playing at a higher level (WPS)
– Increase and retention of young soccer players
– More technical play from players

Holy shiTwitter.

21 03 2009

I love the use of technology. When it comes to soccer in the United States, a large part of it has lived on the internet. The rise of the US Womens and Mens National teams along with professional leagues since the early 90s has parralleled this amazingly powerful and cheap way for soccer coverage and discussion to live and grow. BigSoccer, Facebook, Youtube, blogs, streaming matches, I used them or still do use them quite frequently to follow soccer both home and abroad. I was extremely excited to hear that MLS would be doubling the quality of their online streamings of games. But when I heard that the WPS was going to have in-game tweets from players, I felt uneasy. I knew the first place I had to go is Amanda Vandervort’s blog, where of course the top post was a collection of all the people and players that could be followed on Twitter.
Amanda is a no doubt a up to speed tech guru, and I see the sense in having certain people of WPS having blogs and twittering, but I do not like top executives, coaches twittering, nor do I like the idea of players twittering during games.
First, Twitter is for a small quick snippet on the go. For me, if an executive or coach has something to say it should be thought out and have a certain amount of depth to it. Not a 140 byte length snippet. In my opinion, those people should use blogs.
Players could and should use it. I can see it being a useful thing to have players post tweets throughout the week like “ankle is still sore, saturday is still a maybe” or “very positive in training to day, ready for Sunday”. It could even be a personal message like “tonight is a pasta night”. I am totally against (until proven wrong I guess) the idea of players tweeting for the sidelines of a match. I think is not where the focus of the players should be, and it opens up a whole can of worms for what they could say, how it would be interpreted, what kind of statements would you get from bench players, and why would you follow thoughts of a bench player when the game is going on.
I enjoy twitter, and have signed up to the WPS feed, and probably to others, but not all of them. What do you think?

Sinclair hopeful for now and later, Canada and FC Gold Pride.

21 03 2009

Christine Sinclair is ready to build on her success.

Christine Sinclair is ready to build on her success.

Christine Sinclair has interconnected hopes for soccer in North America. The most imminent would be her WPS opener with her team FC Gold Pride taking on Boston Breakers on April 5th. Perhaps the most personal would be her chance to score her 100th goal in Canada’s friendly against Japan come May 25th. Sinclair holds hopes for the distant future in what Women’s Pro Soccer can do for aspiring players and the Canadian soccer. “I think this league needs to survive just so young players out there in college, and younger than that, know that there’s somewhere to play if you don’t happen to make a national team,” she said Friday during a conference call. “For some people it’s hard to move overseas to continue your soccer career. So to have a league here in the U.S. – and hopefully it can branch out to Canada soon – it’s hugely important.” Read more from The Canadian Press

*If you are interested in the Canada v. Japan match up at BMO Field, tickets have gone on sale.